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What is Crossfit?

CrossFit is the best choice for all fitness freaks and people obsessed with having the strongest physique and being the most powerful of all. It was founded by Greg Glass man and Lauren Jennai in 2000. Greg happens to be the sole owner of CrossFit at the present, after the couple divorced and Greg bought Lauren’s share worthy of 16 billion dollars.

CrossFit is a mix of aerobics, body weight exercises (calisthenics) and Olympic weight lifting. It is a high intensity training program where the workout routine is constantly changed and made challenging at each step.

The CrossFit model is based on training with different physical techniques that would strengthen the core and make the body stronger. It aims at carrying the heaviest load to the longest distance in the shortest time. The physical fitness training techniques include the best from gymnastic, rowing, running and weightlifting. The intensity of the workouts ensures increased power which is visible with the better output.

There are around 13000 gyms affiliated with CrossFit. More than half of them are only in United States. CrossFit licences its name to gyms on annual fee and certificates for trainers. The gyms have their individual fee structures, programming and instructional methods. The fitness training technique however remains the same. Each training program includes a warm up session, followed by a skill development session, workout of the day commonly called WOD and individual or group stretching. Some gyms also offer specializing in Olympic weightlifting.

Although, CrossFit is not centralized, buts it’s basic and general fitness program is adapted by many departments like fire departments, law enforcing agencies, life guards departments and in physical and sports training in high schools.

According to Greg Glass man, the founder of CrossFit, it is not a defined or specialized fitness program but aims at enabling individuals for competence in all 10 recognized fitness domains.

Since summer 2007, CrossFit is organizing CrossFit game every year. The competitors are required to compete in workouts that are unknown to them beforehand. They are told about the workouts only few hours before the competition. These workouts often include a surprise testing element which is not a part of the training program. For example rough water swimming and pegboard climbing. They want the trainees to be able to face anything and everything.

Although, CrossFit training program is under severe criticism for not being safe and may cause serious injuries, CrossFit denies any such allegations and ensures its methodology to be safe.

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