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What Are The Areas Of BodyBuilding?

Bodybuilding is a sport in which bodybuilders enhance their muscle growth through weight training, balanced nutrition intake and having a rest cycle. This results in a beautiful physique which is a dream of many. In early times, people were known to enhance their muscle development through weight lifting, using stones as their weights. The purpose was to have a body that looked like Greek and Roman Gods.

With the changing times, bodybuilding has changed a lot. Previously, no proper competition for bodybuilders was held. Men were judged on the basis of their strength and stamina. Bodybuilder however emphasizes solely on the physical appearance. Competitors are judged on the basis of symmetry, condition and size of the body.

Professional bodybuilding:

Professional bodybuilder is the one who has taken part in a qualifying competition, won it and earned a pro title. This enables a bodybuilder to participate in competitions that announce monetary reward prizes. Depending on the level of success and the amount of monetary prize, the competitor might get rewards from their sponsors as well.

Natural bodybuilding:

There came a time when professional bodybuilding got started being associated with illegal activities. People started to look down the sport with disgrace. Bodybuilders were known to be using different types of drugs, steroids and muscle enhancers in order to win the competitions. In order to get rid of the ‘bleak’ reputation bodybuilding had gained due to the introduction of illegal activities in the sport, the promoters and organizers of the sport introduced a more neutral form of bodybuilding. This ensures the use of only the natural ways in bodybuilding and the ideal body image is also easily attainable.

The competitors are tested for a number of tests starting from lie detection to urine analysis. If found guilty, the competitor may be penalize, or even get a life time ban. It all depends upon the rules of that particular organization.

Some of the big names in natural bodybuilding organizations are; Ultimate Fitness Events (, WNBF, INBA and Muscle Mania. The presence of these organizations is not limited to the country in which they are headquartered.

The first U.S. Women’s National Physique Championship generally considered the first true female bodybuilding contest. It was the first contest where the contestants were judged mainly on muscularity. This was a turning point for the sport of women’s bodybuilding. In current times, body fitness and figure competitions have however taken over the bodybuilding for females as many opted for fitness over having muscular physiques.

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