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Weird Weight Loss Tips

We all are aware of the struggles one has to face while following weight loss routine. Strict diet monitoring, tiring workout routines, cutting off on eating out are just few of the many tough choices one has to make in order to shed unwanted pounds off the body.

Scientists have found out after years of studies that very little changes in one’s lifestyle can also help a great deal in losing excessive weight. These changes seem very small and unnoticeable yet, they are known to bring about change in weight.

Smelling foods :

Smelling a tomato, apple or banana can help in weight loss. It is said that when foods having strong smells are smelled, they trick the brain into thinking one has actually eaten that food. This helps in curbing hunger and eating less.

Eating off smaller plates:

When on a weight loss mission, it is advisable to replace bigger plates with smaller ones. This will end up in you serving less amount of food for yourself and thus eating less.

Keep discarding clothes that don’t fit:

This is a positive one. Keep on discarding clothes that no longer fit your smaller size. The amount of clothes left in your wardrobe and the excitement of getting newer ones will keep you motivated enough to stay on the weight loss track.

Download a step tracking app:

Get an app that keeps a track of the number of steps you take each day. Set a goal go walk 100 extra steps each day. You will not notice but it will help you lose those unwanted fat deposits.

Replace juices with fresh fruits:

Carton packed juices are full of added sugar, flavors and preservatives. Replace a glass of fruit juice with fresh fruits. The in- take of solid fruit will keep you full for longer time and give your body an energy boost.

Fine your cheat meals:

This funny tip might work with kids who are on pocket money. Fix an amount of money to be paid every time you take a cheat meal or consume high calorie food other than what is in your food diet plan.

Take a picture:

Take a picture of everything you eat throughout the week. At the end of your week make a picture collage and you will know how to feel about yourself. A picture full of junk food and unhealthy processed food portions will be enough to push you down the guilt lane.

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