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Want to build bigger muscles? Eat more!

This might sound a little cliché but if you are looking to pack on muscle rather than flab the same concept still stands. If you want bigger muscles you have to feed your body the energy it needs to grow them. Without eating more you will lose fat but you won’t get any bigger. It isn’t just eating that plays a part in gaining muscle mass, you need to have the combination of the right routine and eating plan to get the size you want.

In the bodybuilding sphere getting bigger is a two part process. Without it, you will either end up big and fat or small and lean so you have to do both. The first part of this process is known as bulking, where you are doing compound lifting movements, usually with bumper plates, and eating more. Push yourself with more weight to gain mass is the golden rule.

You will also gain fat but that is part of the deal. Once you have bulked up to your desired weight you can be to cut down. The cutting process keeps the bigger muscle mass you have gained but trims all of the excess fat that has also accumulated off. It is the most successful way to get bigger.

The cutting process simply means adding a high-intensity cardio workout to your already heavy routine, you cannot do both at the same time.

What you eat also matters, you can’t just gorge yourself on everything in sight and hope that you will get bigger. The fact is that you specifically need to eat more protein in your diet to get your muscles the fuel they need to grow. Sources that are rich in protein include meat and dairy.

Some other vegan sources include soy, quinoa and beans. Protein can also be found in dark leafy greens but it is in much smaller concentrations than that found in animal products. Many bodybuilders choose to add protein supplements to their diet in addition to changing the menu. These can be mixed with milk as a post workout milkshake treat to help rebuild and repair the muscles. There aren’t any “bad” foods when increasing your caloric intake but the protein will make growing muscle tissue easier.

Many also add the high fat intake to their diet simply because of the rich caloric content that fatty foods have. For example, someone who is looking to bulk up may need in excess of 3000 calories a day to continue working out, when you consider how small fruit and vegetable servings are in caloric terms it means that you will need to make up the deficit elsewhere.

While eating more it is also important to keep your diet balanced. Though high fat and protein rich foods are not necessarily the healthiest meal choices your diet needs to be balanced with an adequate amount of fruit and vegetables. Your best choice is to calculate roughly how many calories you need to maintain and then increase your current weight and divide it up properly. Normally protein should be about a ¼ of your diet but with an intent to gain you should look at making it about half of your intake.

What you eat matters but at the end of the day, the statement that you must eat more to get bigger is true. Eating more protein in your diet will help your muscles to grow but you have to have a caloric excess for that to happen. Calculate your caloric needs and try and match it with a rich protein diet for optimum muscle growth.

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