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BodyBuilding And Steroids

Bodybuilding, as the name suggests refers to the building of body. It is not as simple as the definition if the competition view point is considered. While in competition, bodybuilding refers to the size, symmetry and development of muscle. This clarifies why steroids are so commonly attached to bodybuilding. Since …

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What Are The Areas Of BodyBuilding?

Bodybuilding is a sport in which bodybuilders enhance their muscle growth through weight training, balanced nutrition intake and having a rest cycle. This results in a beautiful physique which is a dream of many. In early times, people were known to enhance their muscle development through weight lifting, using stones …

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Benefits of BodyBuilding

Body building is a sport in which muscles of the body are developed through a routine of progressive resistance exercises. This routine includes a blend of aerobics and exercises with gym equipment. Bodybuilding not only makes your body good to look at, but it also brings with it many hidden …

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History Of BodyBuilding

Bodybuilding is an art of developing one’s musculature through intense resistance exercises. This routine can be a combination of aerobic, weight training and controlled nutrition intake. It is known to be a very old sport which has been changed and cultured over the time. Ancient times: The art of bodybuilding …

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How To Do Bodybuilding Training?

A bodybuilding competition comprises of a panel of judges and a group of competitors. The competitors are required to do group as well as individual poses to show their body cuts and muscle development. Unlike other strength and power showing competition, the judges judge each competitor on the basis of …

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How To Loss Weight With Yoga?

A common thinking is, in order to lose weight one has to go through rigorous workout routines at least 4 times a week. Yoga however is an altogether different physical technique that makes u shed pounds easily. It relaxes one’s body and mind and makes a relationship between the two. …

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Psychology and Weight loss

Psychology plays an important role when a person wants to lose weight. You are what you think. All your actions depict what goes in your mind. If you are seriously into weight loss, you have to prepare your mind first. The foremost thing is to set a goal and make …

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Weird Weight Loss Tips

We all are aware of the struggles one has to face while following weight loss routine. Strict diet monitoring, tiring workout routines, cutting off on eating out are just few of the many tough choices one has to make in order to shed unwanted pounds off the body. Scientists have …

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Successful and Essential Tips for Bodybuilding

Successful and Essential Tips for Bodybuilding In order to gain enough muscle mass and reduce the excess body fat, you need to follow a scheduled list of tips for bodybuilding. You must have to suffer enough pain, in order to gain something. That’s a famous phrase “No pains, no gains”. …

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