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Side Effects of Legal Steroids

Working hard these days is just not enough for the body builders as many are known to take supplements, or legal steroids to boost their progress. Many body builders work hours in the gym but are unhappy with their growth. In order to boost that growth and to grow stronger and bulkier, resort to injecting themselves with steroids without bothering to learn more about the side effects. The steroid use is increasing day by day as more people prefer to boost themselves. One of the major reasons is peer pressure and the belief that you will be unable to see real progress without steroids. For all those that do use legal steroids or are thinking about using they read the side effects discussed below.

One of the most harmful side effects of legal steroids is liver damage. When used for a long time, just like other steroids, these legal supplements will also affect the liver. These steroids are hepatotoxic and are very difficult to break down by the liver. Thus, long term usage is known to cause liver cancer and other liver diseases. Another side effect is the cardiovascular issues that arise due to the steroids’ ability to increase the weight of a person rapidly. The rapid increase instantly affects the cardiovascular system causing the blood pressure and the heart rate to increase. A physical trait of a man is that he needs testosterones to burn excess fat and build muscle. However, too much testosterone is harmful and is converted into estrogen, which has a negative reaction on the male body. It causes fatigue, loss of muscle and fat retention.

Another negative reaction posed by the steroids is that it affects mood, making athletes irregular as they sometimes feel energized and aggressive at other times. One of the major reasons of rowdy behavior and fights by athletes is the use of these supplements. Lastly, as the legal steroids are known to increase the testosterone level in a person, it breaks down into estrogen which further produces a by-product. The by product is a chemical known as dihydro testosterone which is known to cause baldness as it reduces the hair on the face, body and scalp. Due to these side effects, the safest route is to work extra hard in the gym and not look for shortcuts. These shortcuts may be helpful in the short run but poses many life threatening affects in the long run. Thus, all athletes and body builders must refrain from using legal steroids.

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