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Sciatica Pain – How to Find Relief at the Office

Most people suffer from radiating pain in the sciatic nerve which is a symptom of an underlying lower back disorder. Sciatica symptoms may flare-up at any time, anywhere. This is a big problem, especially when you’re at work.

So what to do when this radiating pain attacks while you are at work? Here is a guide to finding relief at the office:

Move Around

Most people believe that resting or sitting at a place will provide relief from sciatica pain. However, you might be surprised to learn that sitting adds more stress on spinal discs. Hence, it is important to avoid aggravating your sciatica by sitting at one place for extended periods of time.

Get up and move around whenever the symptoms strike. This helps in relieving stress around sciatic nerve roots. You can set an alarm on your phone for every half hour. Indulge in any of the following activities as soon as you hear the alarm:

– Take a short walk

– Do at least ten jumping jacks
– Stretch hamstrings

These activities are also helpful in improving blood flow to your lower back.

Heat Therapy

Applying electric blanket to the affected area will provide significant relief from symptoms of sciatica. Since the process involves lying down and applying blanket for 20-30 minutes, it is not possible to follow it at the office. The best option is to use something that can be easily concealed. A disposable heat pack will be a perfect choice. You can easily store these in your office desk drawer. Make sure you place a cloth between the heat source and your skin. This will avoid any possible burns. Another option is to try a disposable wrap. It is easily available in the market and provides continuous, low-level heat. You may also conceal it underneath a shirt or jacket.

DIY Massage

Massages are therapeutic. However, it isn’t possible to sneak out for a massage each time you feel numbness in foot or pain in your leg. Hence, DIY massages are the best options. This isn’t tough. Simply place a tennis ball between your chair and your lower back. Place pressure on muscles via pressing against the ball. This will help you to relieve excess pressure on sciatic nerve roots. Also, try taping 2 tennis balls to the floor and lie on top of them. This is a good option for those running their own business.

If sciatica symptoms interfere with your day to day chores, work, and other important matters severely, Orthopedic surgeon may suggest more aggressive treatment options for sciatica pain. Some of these may include pain medications or epidural steroid injection.

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