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How To Loss Weight With Yoga?

A common thinking is, in order to lose weight one has to go through rigorous workout routines at least 4 times a week. Yoga however is an altogether different physical technique that makes u shed pounds easily. It relaxes one’s body and mind and makes a relationship between the two.

Most of the people who suffer from weight gain, or are into a lot of body fitness are stressed over the perfect body shape.  They are stressed about their workout routines, their diet and the cheat meals they take. This stress cycle tires them out. Yoga relaxes one’s mind through breathing techniques. It relaxes the mind and changes the way one thinks about different aspects of life. This de stressing helps one in having a peaceful mind. It brings about a positive change in one’s personality and the negativities fade away. Often people are known to gain weight when stressed. This is because they eat more and without giving any thought to what they are thinking. Yoga strengthens one’s mind, thinking capabilities and ability to take the right decision. This helps in refraining from confusing junk and processed foods that are the root cause of excessive weight gain. It also helps in consuming only the required amount of food in each meal rather than getting overfull.

Yoga dates back to 5 millennia. It originated in India.  Yoga comprises of a combination of breathing exercises and different poses called asans. Breathing is the root of yoga. It helps in detoxification of the body and mind. It helps in relaxation of the mind and strained body muscles. Being overweight clearly indicates there is an imbalance in the energy of body. Yoga creates the balance. Excessive stress is the reason of accumulated belly fat. This is because of the increase in stress hormone called cortisol, yoga controls cortisol and reduces weight gain.

The main challenge that a student has to face in yoga is to be in class. Once you are on your yoga mat, everything follows smoothly. Yoga has many forms. There is gentle yoga that includes breathing exercises and very easy poses and then there is power yoga which includes intense poses that involves body balancing. Every different asan is designed to work on a particular body part or problems related to it.

Practicing yoga turns the practitioner’s attention towards its inner self.  Self confidence is restored and the practitioner begins to see own self with a new compassion.

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