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History Of BodyBuilding

Bodybuilding is an art of developing one’s musculature through intense resistance exercises. This routine can be a combination of aerobic, weight training and controlled nutrition intake. It is known to be a very old sport which has been changed and cultured over the time.

Ancient times:

The art of bodybuilding dates back to ancient times when Egyptians and Greeks used stones as weights to develop their body muscle. Greek Gods are famous for their attractive physiques and thus people used keep them as role models and used different weight lifting techniques to form their body muscles.

In India it originated in eleventh century. Men would try lifting dumbbell shaped stones of different weights to gain strength and power. The one with most stamina would be considered the winner.

Early times:

Early times of bodybuilding lie from 1880-1930. Bodybuilding, the sport, the way it today did not exist until before the 19th century. It was initiated by Eugen Sandow who was a German born. He is also known as the father of bodybuilding He would display his physique to audiences and went to an extent of having proper stage shows for this. He gained a lot of fame and even launched exercise and bodybuilding machines.

The first contest:

The first ever bodybuilding contest was organized by Eugen Sandow in United Kingdom. It was a well advertised and well organized event. It had a proper panel of judges and audience who paid for the tickets. The first winner William Murray was awarded golden statue of Eugen sandow. Silver trophy was awarded to D.cooper who came second. A.C Smythe got bronze trophy for third position.


This was the actual time when modern bodybuilding developed. 1930 is termed as the golden era of modern bodybuilding. People started going to gyms for group practices.

The first modern bodybuilding competition took place around 1940. It was called Mr America and was one by John Grimek. As bodybuilding became more popular, the standards for physique quality improved.

Steve Reeves made his mark in bodybuilding with his killer looks and a body that made people forget Grimek. He won Mr America as well as Mr Universe titles.

By 1970, bodybuilding gained fame all over the world. A bodybuilder’s physique became a desire of many and resulted in the flourishing of the gym industry. By this time IFBB (International federation of body builders) had over 100 countries as its members.

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