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Common Health Risks of Obesity and How To Prevent Them

The goal of weight loss is not just about looking aesthetically pleasing, it’s also about feeling good about yourself and being comfortable in your own skin. Becoming healthy will ultimately make you productive and comfortable in life. Above all, getting in shape will prevent you from the dire consequences of carrying excess weight.

Every year, more evidence is shown attesting that being overweight will put you at risk of developing health conditions like stroke, diabetes, arthritis, liver disease and cancer. Getting other health problems like sleep apnea and osteoarthritis are also very likely to those who are obese and the only way to remove yourself out of this situation is by living healthily and losing weight.

Below are some of the endless health risks stemming from obesity:

Sleep Apnoea

This is a serious condition that’s associated with obesity. Sleep apnea causes an individual to halt his or her breathing for short periods of time while asleep – causing them to snore heavily. As a consequence, individuals suffering from this condition are considerably tired and sleepy at day time even if they have had enough sleep at night. In some cases, sleep apnea is a symptom of heart failure.


If there is a high concentration of uric acid in your blood, you’re most likely going to get gout. The uric acid in the blood causes crystals and other stone masses to deposit and clump in the joints making physical activities painful and impossible. High uric acid concentrations in the blood are caused by an unhealthy diet and the risk of getting this disease is usually in parallel to those who have higher Body Mass Index.


Gallbladder diseases, particularly gallstones, are common among overweight individuals. This disease is associated with the consequences of having high levels of LDL (bad fat) in the blood that ultimately saturates the bile to form literal stones. The only treatment for severe cases is getting surgery.

Heart Disease

Overweight people are more likely to have increased levels of blood cholesterol and triglycerides. When too much bad fat is found in the blood vessels, you can expect that plaque formations are present. Pair that up with a high blood pressure and you’ll surely be a victim of a stroke.

In the Western world, heart diseases like stroke are the leading causes of death for men and women. So if you’re feeling chest pains, you might want to see a doctor right away.


Type 2 Diabetes, also called Diabetes Mellitus is the most common type of Diabetes. What it does is it reduces the ability of your body to control its blood sugar. As you know, when your body can’t regulate sugar, you won’t be able to produce cellular energy to support organ function.

This is why diabetes affects major organs like liver, kidneys, gallbladder and heart. Diabetes can also make you blind and lose your body’s ability to heal wounds.


Cancers of the cervix, ovary, colon, gallbladder and uterus among women have been linked to obesity. In men, being overweight puts them at risk of developing prostate, rectum and colon cancer.

How Do You Lower Your Risk?

By losing as little as 5% to 10% of your current body weight you can already bring a significant improvement to your health. It directly impacts your blood pressure and the amount of work your heart needs to do to support blood distribution in your organs.

Eating better food will help you jumpstart your weight loss. Improving your eating habits such as eliminating processed food and preventing midnight snacks should be a priority. Also, good nutrition is needed to successfully lose weight. Try to eat more fruits and vegetables to get the right nutrients your body needs.

For those who can’t exactly commit to a healthier and a more balanced diet, you can also make sure to get the vitamins and minerals you need by using multivitamins and supplements. One natural fat burner and fat blocker used by many individuals today is the diet pill garcinia cambogia. In a pair of a healthy diet, it supports weight loss. A solution like this usually opts for those who can’t commit their time to exercising.  

Other individuals who can’t get the time they need to work out or go to the gym usually buy home exercise videos that offer high-intensity interval training. It’s a combination of strength and cardio workout merged into one to help you elevate your heart rate to burn body fat.

If you’re not overweight but obesity runs in your family, it’s important to start watching out for your health. Genetics can come into play at any day when you least expect it and you are more likely to develop the diseases mentioned above. Keep a healthy and active lifestyle, and watch over your weight as much as possible to prevent sudden weight gain.

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