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Brief Information About Body fat analyzer

You and your best friend weigh almost the same on your bathroom scale but, you look more like a potato when you two are standing next to each other. It is not your height as you both have the same height. It is the body fat that is making the difference.

What are body fats?

Body fats are of two kinds. One is the type which is necessary for carrying out different functions by organs of the body. The second type is the fats that get deposited in the adipose tissues. These are harmful or useless fats in the body, and they are responsible for the de shaped body. When losing weight, it is these additional fat deposits that are targeted.

Now, the question arises, how we know how much body fat we have. It is obvious from the above example that I have more useless body fat than my friend and this is what makes me look like a potato. There needs to be some ways to measure body fat and see if it lies in the normality bar or, you need to sweat it out at the gym.

Methods of calculating body fats

Some known methods of calculating body fats are:

  1. Pinch test method or callipers method
  2. Height and circumference method
  3. Near-infra red interactance method
  4. Dual energy X-Ray absorptiometry
  5. Hydrostatic weighing
  6. Body mass index calculators
  7. Body Fat Analyzer.

What are body fat analyzers and how do they work?

Body fat analyzers are similar to the bathroom scale we use for checking out our body weight. They look like heart beat registers in the gym. Body fat analyzers work with an electric charge which calculates how much excessive body fat a person has.

The technology used in determining the body fat is called bioelectrical impedance analysis. An electric charges runs through the body from one foot to another. Fats happen to be poor conductors of electric current. Keeping this property as the basis, the more resistance the electric current faces while passing through the body means the greater amount of body fat it contains.

Since, this method of calculating body fat is known to be safe and convenient as compared to other methods, body fat analyzers are gaining popularity among people.

Use of a good quality body fat analyzer gives you a clear idea about your body weight composition and how much effort is required to attain your ideal weight and shape.

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