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Benefits of BodyBuilding

Body building is a sport in which muscles of the body are developed through a routine of progressive resistance exercises. This routine includes a blend of aerobics and exercises with gym equipment. Bodybuilding not only makes your body good to look at, but it also brings with it many hidden benefits.

Mental benefits:

Bodybuilding makes a fit body and a fit mind. It is not only about having a great physique, but also about having a great health. It helps in improving the mental health of people who suffer from stress, depression or anxiety. Physical training and weight lifting activities release a chemical named endorphin. It is known to improve mood. Hence people suffering from anxiety and depression find it helpful. Bodybuilding and physical exercises can also help your mind and body by protecting and changing the way you think and increasing your memory. It ensures a healthy blood flow to your brain and this is what a healthy brain requires in order to function properly.

Bodybuilding also helps people who have low self esteem. It gives them confidence to love themselves and face the world. It will boost their confidence and make them feel better and think in a new way.

Stronger muscles:

With the intense workout and weight lifting routine a bodybuilder follows, stronger muscles come naturally. It not only gives muscles a more developed and beautiful shape, but also strengthens them. This eliminates the risk of any muscle related injuries.

Stronger bones:

Bodybuilding strengthens the bones. No fractures for the bodybuilders

Increases stamina:

Bodybuilding increases the stamina to do extreme physical chores without getting exhausted. It turns a man into man of steel.

Lower cholesterol level:

The major benefit of bodybuilding is bringing down and keeping your cholesterol level in the normal range.


If trained the right way and with a good trainer, bodybuilding gives flexibility to your body. So it is an added advantage.

Increased anabolic and androgenic hormones:  

Intense workouts like squats, bench presses and dead lifts increase the release of testosterone. This makes strong powerful and great looking men.


Body building treats round backs or any other muscles issues with its proper training meant especially for core and back muscles. This improves the posture and you start looking taller and more attractive.

Bodybuilding with its physical benefits has many internal benefits as well. It makes you more confident and happier.

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