Human beings are competitive species and most athletes, when motivated by either the need to achieve full potential or the urge to get fame and recognition, may make them resort to the use of anabolic steroids to achieve this. Anabolic steroids are drugs that enhance performance by increasing the user’s body mass, strength, agility and aggression. This gives the athletes an edge over other competitors and increasing their winning chances. This led to a mass competitive race that saw many athletes both professionals and armatures turn to steroids to gain advantages over other competitors.

Use of anabolic steroids in sports has declined over the past millennia mainly due to the strict regulations set by the sports association and the government. Steroid use was very prevalent in sports competitions in all major leagues such as swimming, boxing, body building and even baseball. Some athletes were often encouraged by coaches and even their governments to use steroids so as to boost their performance in the competitions. This saw some countries such as East Germany use steroids on girls as small as 12 years without parental consent. This enabled the German swimmers and other teams who used the drugs later, to win Olympic medals. Other governments such as Russia employed the help of scientists to help their players use steroids and avoid detection.

The desire to win was so huge that more and more athletes became enveloped in steroid use so as to keep up with the ever growing performance standards. The athletes started using steroid cocktails often mixing up to two or three different types of steroids so as to try and produce better performance in competitions. These increased competitions gave the athletes the mentality that steroids were a necessary evil and did anything to use the drugs and avoid the consequences. Scientists were also not left behind in the race to produce the perfect anabolic steroids in the market which had to produce better results with fewer side effects.

The realization and placement of rules and restrictions banning the use of steroids in competitions did little to suppress the abuse of steroids. This only encouraged the athletes to improvise and find new ways and steroids which could pass the tests. Athletes used steroids in secrecy but with a higher zeal than before. More and more athletes and countries were banned from sports competitions due to doping incidents.

The desire to win among athletes is still high although the doping cases have reduced significantly over the past years due to the determination of sporting associations. With more variables of performance enhancing drugs being sold in pharmaceutical stores, it will be harder for the government to curb their abuse.

Statistics show that the number of steroid users is likely to increase especially among teenagers and adults between the years of 15-30 with 1 percent of US population said to have participated in taking steroids. This makes it harder for the government to control the use of steroids among the general population. You can visit http://120kgs.com/ for more information about steroids.

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