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What Are The Advantages For Swimming For Healthy Life?

One of the best exercises today is swimming. Scientifically, swimming has many health benefits and is one of the most recommended forms of exercise. Not only is swimming a good exercise but it is also refreshing and fun. Following are some of the health related advantages of swimming:

Firstly, swimming can help you manage weight. By swimming for just half an hour, an individual can burn more than 300 calories by just simple breaststrokes. There are many websites that help you calculate how many calories you burn by different swimming strokes. Secondly, stress levels can be reduced by swimming and it helps raise the self-esteem of a person. A recent survey of 4000 swimmers was conducted by Speedo which claimed that around 68 percent swimmers stated that they felt good after swimming, 70% felt mentally refreshed and 74% stated that their tension and stress is released after swimming.

Furthermore, muscles are also strengthened with the help of swimming. Swimming requires the use of all your body muscles especially the legs and the arms. With the help of different breaststrokes, different muscles are used and swimming helps your physique. Resistance of water is also forty four times heavier and greater than and ensures that we work harder to move through water. Swimming also has a lower risk of injury compared to other forms of exercise as an individual only bears 10% of their weight when inside. This is due to the buoyancy of the water and there is less strain on our muscles and bones.

Moreover, swimming also perks up your sleep and scientists report that swimmers are more to have a good night’s sleep compared to non-swimmers. This was also proved by a survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation which reported that swimmers are twice as likely to sleep better. Swimming also helps swimmers evade sleep related problems like waking up too early or insomnia. As the water constantly keeps us cool, swimmers also protect themselves from overheat and too much sweatiness.

Another important advantage of swimming is that it decreases the risk of disease. As it is a constant form of exercise, it helps make your heart and muscles stronger and provides cardiovascular exercise. Sleeping also helps lower blood pressure, controls blood sugar levels, decreases bad cholesterol levels in the swimmers blood. To all those non-swimmers, make your way to the nearest pool regularly for a good exercising session. However, diplomat pools & spas Pickering on provides the best swimming experience.

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