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    Human beings are competitive species and most athletes, when motivated by either the need to achieve full potential or the urge to get fame and recognition, may make them resort to the use of anabolic steroids to achieve this. Anabolic steroids are drugs that enhance performance by increasing the user’s body mass, strength, agility and aggression. This gives the athletes an edge over other competitors and increasing their winning chances. This led to a mass competitive race that saw many athletes both professionals and armatures turn to steroids to gain advantages over other competitors.

    Use of anabolic steroids in sports has declined over the past millennia mainly due to the strict regulations set by the sports association and the government. Steroid use was very prevalent in sports competitions in all major leagues such as swimming, boxing, body building and even baseball. Some athletes were often encouraged by coaches and even their governments to use steroids so as to boost their performance in the competitions. This saw some countries such as East Germany use steroids on girls as small as 12 years without parental consent. This enabled the German swimmers and other teams who used the drugs later, to win Olympic medals. Other governments such as Russia employed the help of scientists to help their players use steroids and avoid detection.

    The desire to win was so huge that more and more athletes became enveloped in steroid use so as to keep up with the ever growing performance standards. The athletes started using steroid cocktails often mixing up to two or three different types of steroids so as to try and produce better performance in competitions. These increased competitions gave the athletes the mentality that steroids were a necessary evil and did anything to use the drugs and avoid the consequences. Scientists were also not left behind in the race to produce the perfect anabolic steroids in the market which had to produce better results with fewer side effects.

    The realization and placement of rules and restrictions banning the use of steroids in competitions did little to suppress the abuse of steroids. This only encouraged the athletes to improvise and find new ways and steroids which could pass the tests. Athletes used steroids in secrecy but with a higher zeal than before. More and more athletes and countries were banned from sports competitions due to doping incidents.

    The desire to win among athletes is still high although the doping cases have reduced significantly over the past years due to the determination of sporting associations. With more variables of performance enhancing drugs being sold in pharmaceutical stores, it will be harder for the government to curb their abuse.

    Statistics show that the number of steroid users is likely to increase especially among teenagers and adults between the years of 15-30 with 1 percent of US population said to have participated in taking steroids. This makes it harder for the government to control the use of steroids among the general population. You can visit http://120kgs.com/ for more information about steroids.

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  • What is Crossfit?

    Cross Fit

    CrossFit is the best choice for all fitness freaks and people obsessed with having the strongest physique and being the most powerful of all. It was founded by Greg Glass man and Lauren Jennai in 2000. Greg happens to be the sole owner of CrossFit at the present, after the couple divorced and Greg bought Lauren’s share worthy of 16 billion dollars.

    CrossFit is a mix of aerobics, body weight exercises (calisthenics) and Olympic weight lifting. It is a high intensity training program where the workout routine is constantly changed and made challenging at each step.

    The CrossFit model is based on training with different physical techniques that would strengthen the core and make the body stronger. It aims at carrying the heaviest load to the longest distance in the shortest time. The physical fitness training techniques include the best from gymnastic, rowing, running and weightlifting. The intensity of the workouts ensures increased power which is visible with the better output.

    There are around 13000 gyms affiliated with CrossFit. More than half of them are only in United States. CrossFit licences its name to gyms on annual fee and certificates for trainers. The gyms have their individual fee structures, programming and instructional methods. The fitness training technique however remains the same. Each training program includes a warm up session, followed by a skill development session, workout of the day commonly called WOD and individual or group stretching. Some gyms also offer specializing in Olympic weightlifting.

    Although, CrossFit is not centralized, buts it’s basic and general fitness program is adapted by many departments like fire departments, law enforcing agencies, life guards departments and in physical and sports training in high schools.

    According to Greg Glass man, the founder of CrossFit, it is not a defined or specialized fitness program but aims at enabling individuals for competence in all 10 recognized fitness domains.

    Since summer 2007, CrossFit is organizing CrossFit game every year. The competitors are required to compete in workouts that are unknown to them beforehand. They are told about the workouts only few hours before the competition. These workouts often include a surprise testing element which is not a part of the training program. For example rough water swimming and pegboard climbing. They want the trainees to be able to face anything and everything.

    Although, CrossFit training program is under severe criticism for not being safe and may cause serious injuries, CrossFit denies any such allegations and ensures its methodology to be safe.

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  • Seeking the Best Products for the Natural Lightening of Intimate Areas

    Skin cream

    Man, particularly women, have always been fascinated with having an even skin tone. Even those who are already born naturally white will still have certain areas of the body that are naturally darker compared to the rest. From the underarms to the groin to the underbelly and even the more intimate areas, these regions of the body have a naturally darker shade. Many use harsh creams and ointments to whiten these areas. However, if you need a safer and more natural lightening of intimate areas, you don’t need those synthetic formulas to help you. What you need is any one of Mother Nature’s best kept shin lightening products.

    There are many reasons why some parts of the body are naturally darker than the rest. Call it genetics as melanin is unusually concentrated in these areas like the genitals, the skin surrounding the anus, and the groin. Unfortunately, because of the rather intimate nature of these body regions, many individuals who aspire to have these lightened are quite nervous or even reluctant to seek professional whitening. As such, they are more prone to experimenting with a lot of chemicals that have been synthesized in laboratories containing harsh substances like kojic acid, propylparaben, methylparaben, and even mercury. These chemicals are very harsh and have been known to be a factor in the development of certain cancers, liver damage, and even kidney failure. That’s why when working with these chemicals only a licensed professional should be able to apply them. Sadly, would you want somebody else tinker with your intimate parts other than you or the one you love?

    Mother Nature has plenty of answers to this issue. There are many natural ingredients that can be found right in your kitchen or even right in your own backyard garden. You just have to make sure that you know what you are doing to help lighten your intimate areas.

    For example, did you know that yogurt is actually an excellent bleaching product? It’s got plenty of nutrients as well as lactic acid for optimum nourishment and bleaching of the skin, respectively. You can add honey, lemon, or even oatmeal to make your intimate areas appear lighter.

    Or, you could try oranges or lemons as these are excellent sources of vitamin C. You can add turmeric for its astringent properties contracting the tissues underneath the skin leaving you with a fairer intimate area. You can also add honey to enhance the bleaching and moisturizing properties.

    Other excellent natural remedies for dark intimate areas include gram flour, aloe Vera gel, licorice extract, bear berry, white mulberry, and the Indian gooseberry. Of course, you have to know how to prepare and apply these natural remedies.

    A better alternative to using these natural remedies is to use Intilight natural genital bleaching solution. It combines the safety and effectiveness of natural remedies with the convenience of modern-day applications. There simply is no second-guessing whether you have applied the Intilight correctly or not. It’s also made of natural active ingredients without the harsh side effects of synthetic chemicals.

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  • The Right Skin Doctor to Help Ensure Skin Functionality and Flawless Beauty


    The skin is one of the most often abused organs of the body. Just look at all that dust, dirt, and pollution that get in contact with the skin on a daily basis and you will understand why it is important to take care of it. And the effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays are not yet factored in the equation. You can perform meticulous skin care everyday but the only way you can guarantee the optimum functioning of your skin is by visiting the right skin doctor.

    There are so many dermatology clinics today. In South Florida’s Delray Beach alone, there are a few dozen of dermatology clinics bragging about offering the best and most inexpensive ways to have a fair looking and truly beautiful skin. However, if you were to believe news reports about how the life of a certain Hollywood celebrity or a socialite turned into a nightmare after several botched skin jobs, then that should caution you into choosing only the best dermatologist for your skin care needs.

    One of the very first things you have to ascertain is the doctor’s reputation. You have to make sure that all of his or her clients speak well of him or her. Even if there were some issues in a particular case, the doctor’s ability to address these concerns before they get blown out of proportion can speak well of him or her. The point is that you clearly don’t want to entrust your skin to someone who has had a history of botched dermatological procedures and treatments, poor customer service, and a really mediocre skin care service.

    You may also have to make sure that you get only a Board certified dermatologist. At the very least, you can be assured that the derma specialist is someone who is licensed and certified to know and perform the different procedures and treatments to help improve the overall functionality of your skin while at the same time enhancing its aesthetic appearance. Board certification does not come easy as they have to really work hard for it. It means many years of medical education then undergoing specialization before taking a licensure examination. Passing this gives them the right to be called board-certified skin professionals.

    But, it doesn’t end there. They have to keep on learning so that they can keep their certification. Failure to do so means neglect for their profession. That’s why you also have to make sure that the board certification is still valid; otherwise, it’s best to look elsewhere.

    Now, if you are already in Delray Beach, FL and you really need a dermatologist you can trust, then you need to visit the Balshi Dermatology clinic down on W. Atlantic Avenue. Dr. Balshi is not only board-certified, he is also a member of other prestigious medical and dermatology associations in the country such as the American Medical Association, the American Board of Medical Specialties, and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, just to name a few. What’s more, people trust him to do an excellent job caring for your skin.

    So, what are you waiting for? Visit Dr. Balshi’s clinic now.

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  • Improving Your Exercise Performance with One of Nature’s Best – Deer Antler Velvet

    14215542_10210826416440068_2061608291_o (1)

    The 2016 Rio Olympics has just culminated in an extravagant farewell, ushering in the transition of the Olympic torch to next host city, Tokyo. And while Tokyo Olympics may still be 4 years away, it is perfectly alright to start training now. And if you are not really bent on qualifying for the prestigious inter-nation games, then you simply have to get the most out of your exercise regimen with the help of one of Mother Nature’s most famous products – deer antler velvet.

    But what is it exactly and how can it help improve your exercise performance?

    For starters this is harvested from the antlers of certain species of deer as well as elk and other members of the family. Professional deer antler harvesters are fully trained and duly certified by government licensing bodies to make sure that the harvesting of the antler velvet is done in a humane way. But they don’t just harvest the whole length of the deer’s antler. They have to time it perfectly to get only the soft cartilaginous tissue that is filled with a lot of good stuff that make it a wonder drug in many parts of the world.

    One of the most revered substances that can be elicited from the more than 400 key active ingredients of deer antler is Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 or simply IGF-1. It is this hormone that is essential to bodybuilders, athletes, exercise professionals, or even ordinary individuals who may require a natural substance that will help them recover fast and regenerate any injured cells and tissues brought about by overexertion and poor body mechanics. This is why 100 percent deer antler extract is one of the most sought after natural products if one wants to improve his or her athletic performance, promote excellent muscle recovery, build and tone lean muscle, improve muscle strength and flexibility, and increase physical endurance. All of these are needed by both professional and amateur athletes to up their game.

    IGF-1 is one of the principal mediators of growth hormone effects. As such, it is partially responsible for the massive anabolic changes that occur throughout the lifespan. Muscles are built and continue to grow and develop while other tissues of the body are fully optimized. It also helps facilitate more efficient energy production and the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. These have profound implications in any exercise regimen.

    When you exercise, your performance is severely limited by the fatigue in your muscles. As such, they need time to recover otherwise you risk injuring yourself. When you take a deer antler supplement, you are essentially helping your body recuperate energy losses a lot faster. This simply means you are able to push through with your exercise regimen even when everybody else is already quitting. You are also able to build and develop stronger muscles as well as help you last longer in the circuit simply because of improved energy metabolism.

    If you want to take your exercise regimen seriously, then you need to get only 100 percent pure deer antler velvet drops from a reputable company like AntlerFarms.com. Don’t settle for anything less.

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  • What Are The Advantages For Swimming For Healthy Life?


    One of the best exercises today is swimming. Scientifically, swimming has many health benefits and is one of the most recommended forms of exercise. Not only is swimming a good exercise but it is also refreshing and fun. Following are some of the health related advantages of swimming:

    Firstly, swimming can help you manage weight. By swimming for just half an hour, an individual can burn more than 300 calories by just simple breaststrokes. There are many websites that help you calculate how many calories you burn by different swimming strokes. Secondly, stress levels can be reduced by swimming and it helps raise the self-esteem of a person. A recent survey of 4000 swimmers was conducted by Speedo which claimed that around 68 percent swimmers stated that they felt good after swimming, 70% felt mentally refreshed and 74% stated that their tension and stress is released after swimming.

    Furthermore, muscles are also strengthened with the help of swimming. Swimming requires the use of all your body muscles especially the legs and the arms. With the help of different breaststrokes, different muscles are used and swimming helps your physique. Resistance of water is also forty four times heavier and greater than and ensures that we work harder to move through water. Swimming also has a lower risk of injury compared to other forms of exercise as an individual only bears 10% of their weight when inside. This is due to the buoyancy of the water and there is less strain on our muscles and bones.

    Moreover, swimming also perks up your sleep and scientists report that swimmers are more to have a good night’s sleep compared to non-swimmers. This was also proved by a survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation which reported that swimmers are twice as likely to sleep better. Swimming also helps swimmers evade sleep related problems like waking up too early or insomnia. As the water constantly keeps us cool, swimmers also protect themselves from overheat and too much sweatiness.

    Another important advantage of swimming is that it decreases the risk of disease. As it is a constant form of exercise, it helps make your heart and muscles stronger and provides cardiovascular exercise. Sleeping also helps lower blood pressure, controls blood sugar levels, decreases bad cholesterol levels in the swimmers blood. To all those non-swimmers, make your way to the nearest pool regularly for a good exercising session. However, diplomat pools & spas Pickering on provides the best swimming experience.

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  • How Quitting Smoking Help To Reduce Weight?

    Smoking is one of the foremost dangerous and life threatening addiction that a huge number of people are addicted to.
    Smoking (Cigarettes) is a standout amongst the most troublesome addiction to break due to the very addictive nature of nicotine. Nicotine, carbon dioxide and other dangerous chemicals in tobacco smoke incur significant injury on your well being. They decrease lung and heart capacity, which undermines cardiovascular wellness and shortens your lifespan.
    Smoking Causes Shortness of Breath
    When you smoke, you get to be winded all the more rapidly amid physical movement. Cigarette smoking is one of the main danger elements for cardiovascular issues. Smoking likewise demolishes parts of the lung, including the alveoli, that helps your body ingest oxygen and decreases oxygen limit of your lungs. After some time, you’ll notice it’s hard to walk just a couple steps or take a flight of stairs. These aren’t manifestations of getting old; they are the dangerous reactions of smoking.
    If you have realized that how dangerous is this addiction to your Health effects and life and decided to quit smoking, then the second important thought related to your health should be getting back in shape. Smoking cigarette along with many other bad impacts on your health ruins your body so bad. Here we are discussing a few best workouts to get back in shape after quitting smoking and they will also help you in your Health effects.
    Triceps plunges

    • This exercise needs to be performed on a chair.
    • Keep your back straight while bending your knees.
    • While keeping your back straight, bend your knees.
    • Let yourself down beneath the seat and keep the elbows similar and your hip near to your seat.
    • Raise yourself and go down gradually.


    • Take your arms out and keep your feet somewhat more extensive than hip separation.
    • Twist the knees and take yourself low, as though you were taking a seat on an invisible seat.
    • Try not to give the knees a chance to touch the toes.
    • Always try to keep the knee joints separate.

    Sit ups
    Sit ups is an incredible activity that works on your stomach along with the lower back.

    • Lie down on the knees and put your face in the palm.
    • Keep the shoulder in balance with your elbow, but make sure to maintain the distance between the two.
    • Lift the knees from your toes and maintain the straight line of the body.
    • Maintain the position for a minute.

    These few exercises can help you get back in shape after you have lost much of your weight and have lost control over your shape.

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  • BodyBuilding And Steroids


    Bodybuilding, as the name suggests refers to the building of body. It is not as simple as the definition if the competition view point is considered. While in competition, bodybuilding refers to the size, symmetry and development of muscle. This clarifies why steroids are so commonly attached to bodybuilding. Since no strength exhibit is needed, steroids that enhance muscle development and masculine properties are commonly used in bodybuilding.

    Anabolic Androgenic steroids are synthetic forms of the male hormone testosterone. Anabolic refers to their tissue building properties including speedy growth of muscle, bone and red blood cells, while Androgenic describes the masculinising effects it gives to the body. Today, most of the sports involve the intake of steroids by the competitors but bodybuilding is the most commonly attached with the steroids. The point where bodybuilding has reached today, it is very difficult to attain that kind of physique through weight training and nutrition intake by masses. Hence, steroids are used to enhance quick muscle recovery and increase in protein synthesis. They are known to bring an improvement to the mood, lower down stress levels and increase stamina which helps bodybuilders in being able to rest for lesser time and train more.

    Eugen Sandow is known as the father of modern bodybuilding. With his Greek God like physique, he gained fame all over the world and even used his good physique for the means of earning money by capitalising it. Even in those days it was not possible for everyone to own a body close to Sandow’s. Although steroids were not available back then, bodybuilders were known to use other methods that would increase their testosterone levels.

    By 1940’s synthetic testosterone was readily available and by 1950 they were introduced as dianabol. Till 1960’s, steroids were easily available to the athletes and they were legal. In 1980’s the use of steroids started being noticed by the government and the law tightened its grip around the steroid use. This brought about the downfall of bodybuilding and built such a negative image in everyone’s mind about bodybuilding that it is imagined only associated with the use of steroids.

    Today, legal steroids have been introduced in bodybuilding. They are said to be produced by natural ingredients and have positive effects on bodybuilding. They increase stamina and enable the bodybuilders to work out for more time. Since, these steroids are legal and possess anabolic qualities, they are gaining popularity.

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  • What Are The Areas Of BodyBuilding?


    Bodybuilding is a sport in which bodybuilders enhance their muscle growth through weight training, balanced nutrition intake and having a rest cycle. This results in a beautiful physique which is a dream of many. In early times, people were known to enhance their muscle development through weight lifting, using stones as their weights. The purpose was to have a body that looked like Greek and Roman Gods.

    With the changing times, bodybuilding has changed a lot. Previously, no proper competition for bodybuilders was held. Men were judged on the basis of their strength and stamina. Bodybuilder however emphasizes solely on the physical appearance. Competitors are judged on the basis of symmetry, condition and size of the body.

    Professional bodybuilding:

    Professional bodybuilder is the one who has taken part in a qualifying competition, won it and earned a pro title. This enables a bodybuilder to participate in competitions that announce monetary reward prizes. Depending on the level of success and the amount of monetary prize, the competitor might get rewards from their sponsors as well.

    Natural bodybuilding:

    There came a time when professional bodybuilding got started being associated with illegal activities. People started to look down the sport with disgrace. Bodybuilders were known to be using different types of drugs, steroids and muscle enhancers in order to win the competitions. In order to get rid of the ‘bleak’ reputation bodybuilding had gained due to the introduction of illegal activities in the sport, the promoters and organizers of the sport introduced a more neutral form of bodybuilding. This ensures the use of only the natural ways in bodybuilding and the ideal body image is also easily attainable.

    The competitors are tested for a number of tests starting from lie detection to urine analysis. If found guilty, the competitor may be penalize, or even get a life time ban. It all depends upon the rules of that particular organization.

    Some of the big names in natural bodybuilding organizations are; Ultimate Fitness Events (, WNBF, INBA and Muscle Mania. The presence of these organizations is not limited to the country in which they are headquartered.

    The first U.S. Women’s National Physique Championship generally considered the first true female bodybuilding contest. It was the first contest where the contestants were judged mainly on muscularity. This was a turning point for the sport of women’s bodybuilding. In current times, body fitness and figure competitions have however taken over the bodybuilding for females as many opted for fitness over having muscular physiques.

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  • Benefits of BodyBuilding

    b 2

    Body building is a sport in which muscles of the body are developed through a routine of progressive resistance exercises. This routine includes a blend of aerobics and exercises with gym equipment. Bodybuilding not only makes your body good to look at, but it also brings with it many hidden benefits.

    Mental benefits:

    Bodybuilding makes a fit body and a fit mind. It is not only about having a great physique, but also about having a great health. It helps in improving the mental health of people who suffer from stress, depression or anxiety. Physical training and weight lifting activities release a chemical named endorphin. It is known to improve mood. Hence people suffering from anxiety and depression find it helpful. Bodybuilding and physical exercises can also help your mind and body by protecting and changing the way you think and increasing your memory. It ensures a healthy blood flow to your brain and this is what a healthy brain requires in order to function properly.

    Bodybuilding also helps people who have low self esteem. It gives them confidence to love themselves and face the world. It will boost their confidence and make them feel better and think in a new way.

    Stronger muscles:

    With the intense workout and weight lifting routine a bodybuilder follows, stronger muscles come naturally. It not only gives muscles a more developed and beautiful shape, but also strengthens them. This eliminates the risk of any muscle related injuries.

    Stronger bones:

    Bodybuilding strengthens the bones. No fractures for the bodybuilders

    Increases stamina:

    Bodybuilding increases the stamina to do extreme physical chores without getting exhausted. It turns a man into man of steel.

    Lower cholesterol level:

    The major benefit of bodybuilding is bringing down and keeping your cholesterol level in the normal range.


    If trained the right way and with a good trainer, bodybuilding gives flexibility to your body. So it is an added advantage.

    Increased anabolic and androgenic hormones:  

    Intense workouts like squats, bench presses and dead lifts increase the release of testosterone. This makes strong powerful and great looking men.


    Body building treats round backs or any other muscles issues with its proper training meant especially for core and back muscles. This improves the posture and you start looking taller and more attractive.

    Bodybuilding with its physical benefits has many internal benefits as well. It makes you more confident and happier.